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flip, toss - flippantly toss to check out which aspect will come up; "I do not know what to do--I'll as well flip a coin!"

splay, unfold out, rotate, convert out - switch outward; "These birds can splay out their toes"; "ballet dancers can rotate their legs out by 90 degrees"

commutate - reverse the path of (an alternating electric powered existing) Each and every half cycle so as to provide a unidirectional present-day

gyration, revolution, rotation - a single complete turn (axial or orbital); "the airplane designed 3 rotations in advance of it crashed"; "the revolution in the earth regarding the Sunlight will take just one 12 months"

improve - undergo a adjust; come to be different in essence; losing one particular's or its first nature; "She altered absolutely as she grew older"; "The weather conditions modified very last night"

vi +prep obj he turned down a aspect Avenue → er lavatory in eine Seitenstraße ab ? switch in vi her toes transform in when she walks → sie läuft nach innen, sie läuft über den großen Onkel (inf)

adjust point out, transform - undergo a transformation or possibly a transform of posture or motion; "We turned from Socialism to Capitalism"; "The folks turned in opposition to the President when he stole the election"

= shape wood → drechseln; metal, pot → drehen; a well-turned sentence → ein gut formulierter Satz; a effectively-turned leg → ein wohlgeformtes Bein

turn - form by rotating over a lathe or chopping unit or simply a wheel; "flip the legs of your table"; "flip the clay to the wheel"

purchase, get - arrive in to the possession of one thing concrete or abstract; "She got many paintings from her uncle"; "They obtained a different pet"; "Get the final results the next day"; "Get permission to acquire a few days off from work"

(inf) it absolutely was a real change → das hat einem die Lust verdorben; hairy armpits are the last word transform for me → bei Haaren unter den Achseln hörts bei mir auf (inf)

It is a checklist of yank police officers killed in the road of obligation. Summaries of the overall casualty figures, by yr, are also supplied.

5. among a number of limited circus or wide range acts, or the individual or folks who carry out it. The demonstrate opened using a comedy convert. beurt, opvoering مَشْهَد ، نَوْبَة عَمَل епизод número číslo die Programmnummer nummer νούμερο σε παράσταση número etteaste, variety بخش esitys numéro go to this website הוֹפָעָה קְצָרָה točka, kratka izvedba szám acara atriði numero 短かい出し物 순서 numeris numurs; uzstāšanās acara nummernummernumer برخه número număr номер číslo, výstup točka šou nummer การแสดงสั้น ๆ kısa oyun (雜技中的)項目,劇目 черговий номер програми, вихід تماشہ đội xiếc (杂技中的)项目,剧目

left - a switch towards the side of your body that is definitely over the north when the person is dealing with east; "take a remaining at the corner"

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